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Ideas Vs. Innovation : 10 tips for getting from Point A to B

Ideas Vs. Innovation : 10 tips for getting from Point A to B

Man Vs. Food – You’ve heard of the hit TV show that BBC produced. I bet you did not know that the origins of the show was created using a process called COSTAR. From the chief creative officer of BBC – Pat Younge:

“Man v. Food”. Using the CO-STAR model the idea came from an internal team drawn from scheduling, production and sales. CO-STAR helped them frame and size the audience opportunity,…

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Bad review? Ask why right in the survey!

Bad review? Ask why right in the survey!

If you’re familiar with QuestionPro’s Push to Social question type, you know how amazing it is to get customer ratings for your organization while also encouraging them to share positive ratings on your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google+ pages. Now, if your respondent gives you a poor review, you can immediately ask why!


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4 escalas de medida que todo investigador debería recordar

4 escalas de medida que todo investigador debería recordar

Una de las características estándar que ofrece el software de encuestas online de QuestionPro’s es una gran variedad de escalas que puede utilizar para medir la respuesta del cliente.

En un primer momento todas las diversas escalas podrían parecer similares y fácilmente reemplazables entre sí.Sin embargo, cuando las estudia en profundidad, se da cuenta de la diversidad de sus naturalezas y…

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How to Start Marketing to Men

How to Start Marketing to Men

Last week I wrote a quick article on marketing to women. So you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m going to give equal time to the guys in this article. (more…)

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New QuestionPro Help Center Launched!

New QuestionPro Help Center Launched!

As easy and intuitive as it is to use, QuestionPro is also powerful feedback software. And while we gladly field support requests in real-time through 24×7 live chat support, email and phone, we are also focused on providing detailed self-service help & support.

To optimize on-demand help even further, we’ve re-vamped QuestionPro’s help section. It’s now mobile-friendly for those on the go, has…

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Updated: 4 Scales Every Researcher Should Remember!

Updated: 4 Scales Every Researcher Should Remember!

questionOne of our most-viewed articles is an article about four scales every researcher should remember. Since that post was written, some changes have taken place that have affected the four scales, so we figured it was time for an update! Here, we’ll dive into a bit more about considerations behind which scale or question type you should be using, as well as an update on the most powerful questions…

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(Net) Promote That Score!

(Net) Promote That Score!

One of the industry standards for determining customer satisfaction and loyalty is the Net Promoter Score question. If you haven’t heard of NPS, you’ve likely seen it in action: rating an experience or a product on a scale of 0 to 10. It is also the only industry satisfaction question to use a full 11-point scale. But do you know what each of the numbers actually mean and how to use the question…

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What To Do If You Want To Market To Women

What To Do If You Want To Market To Women

Some people are sticklers for eating local or organic, I happen to be a stickler for BUYING local and supporting the other small businesses in my town.  As I was running errands around town, I noticed that a lot of my shopping compatriots were WOMEN.  Let’s see, I went to get my oil changed and – nothing but women, I went into the grocery store – more women (and kids).  Everywhere I went, I…

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#Rewards Best Practices - Cheat Sheet

#Rewards Best Practices – Cheat Sheet

Survey Best Practices: 6 factors to be sure your rewards budget is well-spent

In the quickly evolving world of survey rewards, staying on top of changes can be challenging. QuestionPro and Tango Card have teamed up to provide you with some tips to optimize your rewards budget and maximize your responses. The rewards best practices list was created when QuestionPro and Tango Card hosted a live…

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