QuestionPro's online survey software is a one-stop solution for managing feedback via the web. From simple web surveys to large, complex, international market research, we have a solution that will meet your requirements.

Our survey software includes a full suite of tools for creating surveys, sending email invitations, and analyzing survey data.

Use Social Media as Your Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Use Social Media as Your Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn’t about what you DO, it’s about who you ARE.

This is a phrase that I’ve been repeating like a mantra to anyone who will listen.  I’m really committed to this point of view for entirely practical reasons; a 24/7 always on and always connected world, doesn’t leave much room for fake marketing messages.  The BP oil spill, Anthony Weiner are just a few examples of the folks you didn’t…

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Your Surveys Are Valuable Sales Tools — See How

Your Surveys Are Valuable Sales Tools — See How

Have you ever noticed that whenever it’s time for budget cuts, marketing programs and market research are always at the top of the list?  That’s because these activities tend to fall into the “nice to have or nice to do” category of expenses rather than the “must do” category.  I mean, when have you ever seen a company cut down on production or sales when times are tough and they need to get…

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QuestionPro.Com back online

QuestionPro servers are back online, again we apologize for the inconvenience but a time-sensitive update was required. Accounts should be fully accessible again.

Thank you again for your patience!

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Service temporarily down for maintenance

Service down temporarily for maintenance

QuestionPro’s servers will be temporarily unavailable for approximately one hour to perform needed maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. As I understand it, the service will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour.

Thank you for your patience!

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— 2 days ago
New Edu Series Kicks off with Rating Scales [VIDEO]

New Edu Series Kicks off with Rating Scales [VIDEO]

We’ve launched a new focus to support our customers by providing education on research best practices, and we’re starting with one of the most popular – and problematic – areas of online surveys:


These popular question types – good or bad – are relied on heavily, especially when it comes to customer reviews. And as you’ll see in the video, the myriad variations often make it…

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— 2 days ago
Friday Five: Stories from Around the Web

Friday Five: Stories from Around the Web

Closing out the week with 5 stories that grabbed our attention. Enjoy!

The Qualitative Explosion

Qualitative research has experienced more change in the past 10 years than in the previous 50. And there is no sign that the pace of change will let up any time soon.

Using sampling error as a measure of reliability, not validity

If we calculate the sampling error for a non-probability sample, for…

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— 5 days ago
QuestionPro is not and was not vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability

Everybody seems to be talking about it, and for good reason.

A lot of trusted, otherwise presumably secure services have been affected by it, so we wanted to update you right away on QuestionPro’s status with the Heartbleed vulnerability:

QuestionPro accounts are not affected.

In short, we had not implemented the update to SSL that introduced the vulnerability, as new updates can sometimes…

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— 6 days ago
Why Standing Out Like a Sore Thumb is Good For Your Business

Why Standing Out Like a Sore Thumb is Good For Your Business

68% of your customers have no idea why they should choose you.  (I saw this a few years ago, but  I can’t remember the source) The important thing is that there aren’t too many businesses that stand out in the mind of your customer.  And that means that your business has to be known for SOMETHING.

Our brains want context, they want story, they need something, anything to hang on to so that they…

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— 1 week ago
How to Create an Interesting Infographic

How to Create an Interesting Infographic

Photo Credit: net_efekt via Compfight cc

Infographics are a great way to teach information. They are fun and easy to read when done right.  Next time you want to share some information don’t use boring text – use an infographic instead!

Step 1: Research the ins and outs of your topic

First start with an idea and pick a topic you know about. Infographics can be fun and lighthearted or stark and…

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— 1 week ago
Friday Five: Stories from Around the Web

Friday Five: Stories from Around the Web

Hope everyone has had another fantastic week! We found some great articles this week relating to marketing, small business and entrepreneurship.

Corporate Branding: What it is, and How to do it Right – Search Engine Journal

SEJ presents an article that handles the differences between your ‘brand’ and ‘logo’, developing your brand to be even stronger, and covering the overall process of…

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— 1 week ago